Anyone interested in level two

widows son

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Ive a Idea of on line questions and answers for there level two on the elements 1,2,3 & 4, for those going for Accredited witness stalks and not sure of the typical questions, answers required , straight out of the Accredited Witness guide .

or any problem your not sure of before the stalk glad to help if required .

There are plenty of Aw's on the site who could also put a few problems to rest for those still requiring to finish there level two portfolio

widows son

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All experts then , so how come when i take people out for the AW stalk they don't have a clue on the questions after all there all written down in plane English .
This was the reason for this put the post up not that I'm an expert but Ive got the Book with the Questions & answers in it there ain't to many variations to them .


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I think what Widows son is trying to say is............ ask questions.
I dont think he is going to type up everything for everyone else. If you are unsure on the questions for DSC 2......then ask and hopefully you will be rewarded with advice from several AW's.

widows son

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Thank Christ there is actual life on the other side ,I'm really glad i done the month and a bit in the asylum ,It makes me see things a lot clearer now ,

Thanks Jingzy.

I really thought I was alone .

I meant for those that are going to do there level two and have read through the portfolio looked at the types of questions and are looking for the typical answers .

Just yesterday I spoke with a guy ,we had spoken about his level two which he now has , we got talking about the questions and one came up :

Q: What are the distinct differences on Roe deer between March and April.
there is more than one answer to this type of question (whats the answer)

This type of questioning isn't meant to catch any one out but can quite easily ,this is the reason behind me posting this topic.


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Playing devils advocate here (and I'm not doing level 2 yet, so I may be asking a silly question) but if someone doesn't know what questions are going to be asked of them, then how can they ask for help with the answers?

I know you can download the question bank for level 1, can you do the same for level 2? Reading through that and familiarising oneself with the questions would obviously be a good place to start for anyone going on a stalk with an AW.


widows son

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Gez : The level one and two are the same, with a slight difference what you were taught on the level one is what your putting into practice, in the level two, further to that if you have a level two portfolio, look at the questions see what you can answer, if you see something your unsure of ASK the question, I'll do my utmost to answer it ,to the best of my skill and ability .

The level one takes you through the different stages of the Deer: ecology habitat ,health,the law ,firearms ,culling, carcass ,larder work .

All the things that you should put to use within your 3 stalks for your level two ,

In the level two portfolio you have elements 1 to 4 ,

In element 1 you have Questions like :

1.1 carry out work safely in line with health and safety requirements

to question

1.6 Select individual deer to meet cull requirements .

element 2 cull deer

2.1 handle firearms safely and efficiently according to approved codes of practice .

So on and so forth.

All pretty basic stuff I'm trying to help out with questions ,that people can get into there head because of how there asked, or how its written down .

This is only because some of the people ,that ive taken out don't understand whats required ,with the question and answer criteria, of the element in the portfolio .


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Here is another typical question that has more than one answer.

Why are you using that rifle?

The usual answer is, and could well be used on one of the stalks,
That it complies with the Deer act in that the calibre is over .240" with a muzzle enrgy of at least 1700ft pounds.

Another good and also very important answer is,
That it is accurate and serviceable so I know it will not let me down!
I have known some assessors having had the first answer telephone and fish for extra underpinning knowledge and the second answer gives exactly that as it 'Indictes' that the candidate knows his rifle in a practical sense rather than jus law compliance from books!

A very good answer. I seem to recall also saying something about "a calibre suitable to humanely dispatch the quarry I'm stalking, or likely to encounter when stalking".

It must have been acceptable as I got my DSC2 ;)

Interestingly, when I submitted my portfolio the first call came through when I was sitting in the departure lounge at Heathrow. I told the caller that this was not a suitable time to speak and we agreed to a subsequent call. Taking questions over the phone that can decide whether or not you get your DSC2 is stressful enough, so I appreciated the fact that they re-arranged.



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brown deer


When i got mine the chap asked what type of deer i was going to shoot today.

I told him all of them!!!!!!:eek:

Jesting aside that is a question. What is on the ground, what is in season and how you would identify it etc.

the other favourite is about glands, mesenteric is a good word to remember


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"the other favourite is about glands, mesenteric is a good word to remember"

Another is the Sub maxillary and retro, retro, retrofar, far retrofarang - you know the other ones!!!!! lol :lol:


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Or, just so the candidate does not feel stressed. I tell them that I dont care if they can name them, I would just like to see them found and if they can mention a couple of the names then that is good as they have definately been trying to learn about the nodes.

Another good point. I was convinced I'd never remember all the lymph nodes, or the order they come in.

Harking back to school I figured the best chance would be a mnemonic, on the basis everyone remembers:

Richard Of York Gained Battles In Vain - for the colours of the rainbow - Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, and,

Never Eat Shredded Wheat - for the points of the compass - North, East, South, West

The best I could come up with was:

Stalking Roe Bucks Makes People Mad

Meaning, of course

Submaxillary - under the mouth
Retropharyngeal - back of throat
Bronchial - windpipe
Mediastinal - middle of lungs
Portal - near the liver
Mesenteric - on the intestines

I'm sure other people can think of better mnemonics than mine (aha, a new competition!). and yes, I know it's only six words to remember. :oops:

For all their supposed faults, the DCS has a very good Best Practice section on this at and
but sadly these weren't around when I did my DSC2.



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Multiple post


I posted this incorrectly. I was agreeing with you and copied from your post as a reference.

I to use nemonics , great idea.

hope th diagram can assist someone.


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What planet are you from??

Another is the Sub maxillary and retro, retro, retrofar, far retrofarang - you know the other ones!!!!! lol :lol:[/quote]

I really hope you are joking
Here is the lot

Head and tongue
Submaxillary - under the mouth
Retropharyngeal - back of throat
Bronchial - windpipe
Mediastinal - middle of lungs
Portal - near the liver
Mesenteric - on the intestines
(mushroom coloured good, white puss BAD)

I will post a picture to illustrate tonight


I never joke ;)

Harking back to my very rudimentary understanding of psychology, people have different approaches to how they can both learn and process data:

> Some people are very visual (they like seeing data in maps, diagrams, charts, etc.). For example, the picture you posted will be great for these people.
> Others are more aural (they will like hearing information through lectures, reading/reciting aloud, etc.). My mnemonic is an example of something that will work for these people.
> Others are what is known as kinasthetic (putting things together, building models, etc.). These people will only need to be shown, or perform, a gralloch once and they will be fine with the lymph nodes

Teachers, presenters, etc recognise this and will use a variety of the different methods to get their message across. By contrast, if you only use one of the methods, the chances are that only one third of your audience goes away having learnt anything!

Naturally over time our brains become very familiar with repetitive information, to the point where you don't need to have any special way of remembering just do.


P.S. Another interesting bit of psychology. From the fact that my mnemonic caught your attention, I bet you remember it. It's the same as how once you get an annoying tune in your mind you can't stop humming it!