Anyone know what jabs i need for a trip to zim?


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getting a lot of conflicting advice from two different, has anyone on here actually been to zim and got jabs? if so, what ones please.
appreciate the help!


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For Botswana I got vaccinated for Hep A & Typhoid my tetanus was in date. I took the equivalent of malarone for malaria without too many side effects.
I didn't bother with rabies,hep B, TB or cholera. Hep B is probably not necessary unless you are planning to party with locals. I was advised to get rabies vaccination because I was hunting but didn't.
For insects I sprayed my clothes with permethrin and myself with smidge, I didn't get bitten once. This was in May.

Unless you are travelling from a country with yellow fever that's shouldn't be an issue as well.

One of our gang didn't bother with malaria, it was marginal where we were in Ghanzi district.

One of our trackers had Aids and TB! Probably the rest did as well.

Wrong country but same area, I hope this helps. Google health advice for Zimbabwe.


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Take a look at:

Your questions answered and other questions of which you were not aware.


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Been to Zim and Botswana.

Typhoid and Tetnus, but just as important if not more important is malaria tablets. Depends on the time of year too. if you are under canvas spray the tent before going to dinner in the evening, that way most if not everything will be dead when you return. If its is a thatched chalet that's not quite so effective, make sure you have a good mosquito net.
Wear repellent and don't wear shorts at all, spray the bottom of the trousers well, mosquitos are not the only biting insect, beware of ticks which you are just as likely to get on you, pepper ticks being one the worse.

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I travel extensively with work and end up getting blanket vaccinations. To be fare most of my African adventures have been North, West and South not much on the East and I've never been to Zimbabwe but I would strongly advise getting your yellow fever vaccination. Whoever provides you with the vaccinations make sure you get a record book, most of these are translated into several languages. Hopefully whoever you meet when you arrive can read but normally just seeing the book there happy. I have heard stories of people not having evidence and then receiving a shot on entry, not something you really want!
As for antimalarial's follow the instructions to the letter! Again so many stories of people who don't see the course of tables out coming down with Malaria when they get home... I generally take Malerone and that you have to take for a week after returning to see the course out. Have a read of the information on whatever the antimalarial is your going to take, there are some shitty side effects but that said not as bad as malaria! If the area your in is bad for Malaria you can get self check test kits aswell.

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Your going to have a great time, all the best on your adventure!


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Don’t know about the required jabs, but malaria tablets is anabsolute must if going anywhere near the Lowveld, Zambezi. Make sure you takethem a good month before and after the trip and ‘do’ not think it will be ok tostop. I originated from there and have lost two family members to Malaria, onebeing 12yrs old…..