Anyone re barreled in 338. federal


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Looking at re barrelling a rifle in 338. Federal looking for some one with the kit to do the job can anyone recommend someone?

Greener Jim

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Jager SA off here seems to do good work and at a good price.
I haven't personally had done anything done by him mind.

Redmist on here does rebarrels aswell I believe

Gives you somewhere to start.


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I spoke to James (Jager) a few months ago about the exact same thing. I also started a thread on which people posted some useful insights.

I can certainly be done. UK gunsmiths might not be able to get reamers etc in a hurry though.

If you can get them yourself (e.g. holiday/friend in the US) you might well make the process more likely to occur.

If ever I actaully go through with it, it will be James I ask to do the work.

Good luck,