anyone shoot hornet

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If anyone shoots .22hornet and would be interested in a wicked load for charlie then try this! winchester case,win sr primer[IVE FOUND REM OK TOO],12.3grns H11O,under hornady 35gn with all h110 loads dont start any lower than 3%an work up,12.3max,absolutly flattens charly out to 175yards,and crows at 200 ish out of my cz 527,try it you will like it HORNET :eek:


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I also like H110 in my 22 Hornet and I also use a CZ 527 American. I ran a thirty-three grain V-Max with 12.0 grains of H-110 and got 3269 fps for a velocity but the ballistic coefficient was dropped to .082 when I calculated it. Also the brass didn't last but a few reloadings.

When I dropped the charge to 10.8 grains the speed dropped to about 3K and the ballistic coefficient went up into the low .09's which meant (for practical purposes) that it shot as flat, and retained as much energy as the faster load but used 10% less powder and gave twice the life on the brass. I'm sure you will find this to be true of the 35 grain V-Max also.

I have never shot fox with my Hornet but I have shot a thouisands of prairiedogs at ranges out to 300 yards. I am confident that it would kill fox handily at a lesser speed and brass-saving pressure.

If you really want to have some fun, load some Hodgdon "Lil Gun" which may he harder to get in the UK than H-110 but delivers super accuracy, high speed, and ridiculously low pressures. It is the top Hornet powder here in the US. JAYB himself -a dedicated Horneteer- uses it so I know it can be had across the pond. It is so pressure safe that one rancher I know of loads for his wife's CZ by simply scooping the sized and primed cases through a tub of Lil Gun and seating a bullet on top!

If you get tired of the V-Max prices, try MidwayUK's 32 grain "Dog Town" 32 grain HP. They fly faster, drop less, and expand like grenades. Cheaper than V-Max by quite a bit, too.

I'd love to hear more of your Hornet shooting. What kind of groups are you getting?? ~Muir

PS: Long Live the 22 Hornet!


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Yes i do shoot a Hornet, my old BRNO ZKW465 1949 vintage, the old girl's barrel is almost white with age and use I suppose it is the gun world version of white hair. Just like a lot of formidable old women you do not want to get in her way, still very very lethal. It is not as fond as V-VMax 35grainers, as it is the 40 grainers which will if I get it right shoot in a 2" circle at 200 yards. For these I use 13 grains of Lil' Gun and get just under 3000 fps, well to be exact 2997 fps, this is a five shot average over a chronograph but with Lil' Gun the next five shot group could easily be over 3000 fps or 2900 fps, but the accuracy never seems to waiver.

I find Remington brass to be thinner walled and can therefore take more powder, it seems strange to be talking about getting the powder in and not being worried about pressure, but that is the world of Lil' Gun. I use Winchester brass as well and currently am at over ten reloads for the cases I am using, I say "over" because I stopped counting at ten. I use either CCI small rifle primers or pistol primers, whichever come to hand first, I have never been able to detect any significant difference.

I also load 46 grain cast bullets, and for these I use either reloader 7 or I have some Vectan SP3, I think. I can't remember the exact quantities and the information is out in my reloading shed, and I am not going out in the horizontal rain for no one :D , I will check later though. I do know though that I keep them to 22 WMR velocities and they are an excellent rabbit round. One thing I do for all my Hornet rounds is to give them a light crimp, trying to control the launch speeds, and I found that for my set up the accuracy improved. So the dear old Hornet is good for foxes and all sorts of vermin out 200 yards +, cheap to load, accurate and all that stuff, nasty little round really I hate it :D :D


It's also joined the space race, you should see it launch a prairie dog :eek:


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His loads with 2400 should be approached with caution. The Alliant version of 2400 is faster than the old Hercules 2400. Otherwise, neat piece.~Muir


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I use 2400 and reloader 7 and at the moment imr 4198 with 40 gr hornady sp and 10.5 grs of powder in Winchester cases this is a compressed load in my cases caped of with CCi small rifle primers.
I also have some daystate 40gr lead hollow point air gun slugs for close range pest control and use daystate solids for indoor range practice for a bit of fun in a squib load useing Blue Dot
these loads work in my rifle and are safe but may not in yours.



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hornet info

hi lads great to hear from some fello hornet shooters, i shoot a cz 527 with a pes moderator, muir at a hundred yards with the load i mentioned i get fantastic groups off the bipod easily shoots clover leaf groups,lil gun is available in the uk hevent tried it yet but i will in the future, shot a grey squirrel the other week at over 200 yards my mate could not get his breath, :eek: he shoots .17 hmr thinking about getting a hornet now,with the pes mod its v quiet no muzzle blast just the bullet crack,in fact its quieter than his hmr,and its doing 3097fps with my load, i do weigh every charge on the scales,win brass seems to be lasting well im on 8 reloads with same brass just check length and trim. it kills charly really well and i find i pick the hornet up far more than the .243 for foxing. cheers HORNET
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