Anyone Shoot in France?


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Ive been given permission to shoot land surrounding a lake in France but am unsure of any legal or licensing requirements other than the Euro Firearms Permit. Does anyone shoot regularly in France that could give me a heads up please!!

Ta muchly.

Pine Marten

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As a rule you need a Permis de Chasser. If you're just going once in a while as a guest, then you can obtain a temporary visitor's one from the local hunting federation. You can either book 9 consecutive days, or three times three consecutive days. Any more than that and you need a proper French licence, which involves theoretical and practical exams. These are on a par with DSC1 in terms of levels of complexity.


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I don't think my Father had any licence to shoot in France other than his army ID card, mind you it was a long time ago :D


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Hi Eddy,

ive shot in France as a guest of a friend who moved and brought over property there. Everything is pretty much controlled by la chasse. My friend has 60 acres of woods, and I'm sure he said he wasn't actually allowed to shoot anything in it, unless the chase happened to be hunting over his property which he is a member of. Very much group/ social hunting as oppossed to individual hunting.


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If applying for the temporary Permis de Chasser that pine marten mentions you will need to demonstrate insurance by means of a translated ito French copy of your insurance certificate though I understand that in some regions it is possible to purchase insurance at the time of application for the Permis de Chasser. BASC can supply you translations of their policy and if you are insured via the NGO you will need to provide your own translation (you need to ask the NGO to extend your insurance cover to France for the duration of your visit).

When applying for a temporary Permis de Chasser some years ago I supplied photocopies of DSC certificates and this seems to be appreciated though I doubt it was really necessary for a temporary permit.
I have read that in the distant past some hunting associations have accepted DSC certificates as proof of adequate training and issued full hunting licences (Permis de Chasser) as a result, but I don't know for sure if that is still possible or even if it really happened at all.