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paul k said:
SWR said:

Yes, interesting enough in its own way. Possibly a few more idiots on there than here but also some good stuff hidden away.

Quite a good site, with some good new people on it and the regular names from some of the other shooting sites of course. They had a problem a month or two back with a few idiots but have sorted that out now they all got banned eventually. I just need to work out how to post a photo and I can enter their competition.


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The site's terrible.
The only people on there that appear to behave with any decency is Alycidon & Admin.
Certainly from having a look at the general access board, there is nothing on there that makes me want to join.
I know this site has a few problems with the same questions being asked every couple of weeks, and with some members first posts trying to buy/sell something, but still, there is a world of a difference between there and here. :eek::confused:


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How has a banned member managed to post a thread on this site advertizing his own.
SWR AKA Mannlicher Stu caused nothing but aggro not only on this site but another and consequentially got banned.
He was abusive and told nothing but lies.
Deetalking is welcome to him.
Good riddance to bad rubbish.



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Hi Griff,

If there are any trouble makers/trolls/idiots call them what you will attempting to post anything on this site they will be banned by Admin. We have a zero tolerance towards people who want to cause trouble, which I believe has kept this site relitively trouble free.

Hunter V

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As from day one the Deertalking shite has struggled with attracting contributers to there forum.
New members soon come to there own conclusions make there minds up and then quitely leave only to return on Bank Holiday`s when there`s nothing else better to do,lol.
I recall about 18 months ago when i applied for a user name and entry to the site i recived a prompt reply of Fewmet.
His words were (you cannot offer this site nothing so your application is refused) lmao.
Harry one of the "Global boys" well me and him use to have the craic on other forums.
He knew my strengths and i knew his which in truth were better discribed as weakneses,lol.
Stu well his little plea for help speaks volumes, let them get on with it i say...
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