anyone up for a trade?


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ello one and all,

my names James and I'm a 19 year old from east sussex, i live in hailsham but parents live in uckfield so somewhere around these areas would be a bonus! and am interested in getting into stalking,

i have got my FAC and SGC and DSC1 and basically just want to try get out shooting as much as i can as i do not have a huge amount of land and none with deer on

im a qualified gamekeeper and butcher and would be more than happy to help out with any tasks around the permissions as a thank you for taking me out and helping me get out and about. either that or i can quite happily butcher your deer or help teach you different ways to butcher as a thank you, making sausages and burgers alike,

basically i just want to try and get out as much as i can and trade my skills with yours, i'd be grateful, even for a nights lamping or siting up one night waiting its just nice to get out.

i have a .22LR and a .308 win and am looking to get a .243 soon so please don't hesitate to get in touch

best regards James


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Nicely worded post James, keep trying as you will find somewhere soon. Have you tried going beating on some estates/shoots as that is a good way of introducing yourself to the right people and if you come across as the right sort ;) You will soon get some offers to help out. But it won't happen overnight!
keep trying sometimes a shooting opportunity comes along from an unexpected chat or meeting
good luck jab.