Anyone using the Pulsar Axion 30 Key?

Pellet Pinger

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The burning question is if your not bothered about wifi and recording is the larger screen on the non key 30 worth the extra cash?


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I bought my xm30 from Blackwoods, and I am very pleased with it. Yes it has a small screen, but it fits comfortably in my pocket. (Saved me from bumping two deer early the other morning.) You have to use it to get used to it though.


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I've got one and it's great. Fold the eye cup back and the screen is fine. I've seen others with bigger better screens but the 30 key is good for me and much cheaper than the 30S
PS. Get a camera lanyard off Amazon for £13. Always at hand then and no fear of dropping it


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I have the 30 Key and think they are great, esp for sweeping open areas of young trees. For me they compliment rather than replace binos, not good for stony ground or thick forestry. I don't need wifi or video. I have used the ones with the larger screen, but didn't see a noticeable benefit.


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Having spent many hours using a Helion 28 I find no difference in performance with my Key 30 with the benefit of quicker start and more convenient size as well as a more convenient price.


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I like mine a lot, I have used a variety of different thermal spotters and I dont feel I am missing anything with 30 key. I am using mine in tandem with another chap with a much more expensive spotter and I see everything he does.


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Is it possible to clearly distinguish female boar from male boar at the distance of up to 70 m using this piece of kit?
Impossible to say really...I can envisage circumstances where it would be a problem to do that with 8x binoculars...

Thermal devices have clarity issues dependent on the ambient atmosphere, humidity and temperature in the same way the optical devices have clarity issues with light. But the more I use mine the more I am surprised at the distances you can identify different beasts...

This was my description of my first attempts looking through and playing with the settings from an earlier thread if it helps...

"With the XM30 KEY I could clearly see a dog walker's legs moving at 400metres on warm-ish afternoon, he wasn't just a white blob...his small dog was though.

I received mine a few days before lockdown so have only used it one afternoon and evening for hunting. It put me on to a couple of muntjac (no safe shot) at dusk I wouldn't have seen otherwise, and a rabbit (safe shot) in the pitch black. And from the high seat I watched someone mucking out a stable at 312 metres and could tell they were female.

I have wandered around the garden with it during lockdown and looked over the fields...

I have recognised the movement of hare at over 200 metres. And could be confident that the two blobs running around one another at over 300metres were also hare.

Sheep and cattle appear blobs at 700metres.

Rats in bramble bushes positively sparkle!

Bats flying up and down a hedge from here to 60 metres.

I could see the footprints / heat prints / paw prints of the cat on the carpet for a few minutes after it went past, and it has saved me treading in the glowing dog poo when I take Pops out after dark."

The other intriguing thing is that while it doesn't read through glass, it can read a reflection off plain window pane glass.



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Another vote for the axiom key 30, I use it as a spotter then switch to binos, you will absolutely spot things you would never have before, and out to around 1000 yards.

fantastic bits of kit and well worth the asking price.



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You soon get to recognise, robins and wrens, pheasants with their red hot eyes and head,Squirrels clinging on trees, rats , rabbits, foxes badgers,
.suddenly wow. Technicolour bright red and orange muntjac looking at you through the brambles. Roe deer slinking away as you walk to the high seat.
Lots of creatures you would just miss both in the dark and in daylight in thick cover. So yes OK.

David N

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For spotting is does the job I need it to but if you like looking at wild life I would like to have better definition.