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I am in the process of applying for a FAC, I previously held an FAC but chose not to renew it in the late 80's.
On my application I listed the places where I will be using the rifle, two of which are areas that I have bought the shooting rights on. Another one is an estate that I have shot on this year and another 2 are areas that I intend to shoot.
The liason officer has called me to arrange a home visit, he has asked me if I have bought a safe yet to which I replied are you going to give me a license?.
Secondly he didn't like the fact that I had listed so many places saying that they would all have to be checked out and this would entail using other police forces. He told me that there wasn't an open license as such and that for the first 5 year period I would be on a probationary type license after which I would be allowed to go anywhere as I would be more appreciative of what the land requirements are.
He also told me that I could just list the areas that I have bought the rights on and that providing the other areas had already been approved for stalking previously then I would be able to shoot on that land.
Is this correct?
Thanks in advance


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If I were you I would join BASC unless of course you are already a member.
Ask their advice on the subject as your man seems to be putting up goalposts off the pitch!


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Is this force policy that he is spouting, or his own attempt at getting out of work. I can understand you not getting an open licence on your initial application, it will be a licence with certain restrictions as to where you can shoot etc. This is what he means by probationary I expect, poor choice of words on his part, unless of course he is giving you the party line from his/your force. If the force does see the initial granting of your FAC as a probation period, then it most certainly should be bought to the attention of the BASC. As for having too much land to shoot on, well, that's a new one on me. Most first time applicants are land poor, you are the first I have ever heard of having too much land for the enquiry officer to be happy with.

I wish you well in your application, and if I were you I would take the advice of stag1933.



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Quote from BASC
At your interview you will be expected to let them know where you intend to use each of the firearms that you have requested. If you have one piece of ground where you can use these firearms then tell them about it and produce a letter of permission/lease/name of owner etc. They will probably check this out. If you have other ground tell them that you have other areas. This should mean that your certificate will let you shoot on the named piece of ground and "on any other ground deemed suitable by the Chief Officer of Police". Basically, if the area is quite large and has been shot on before you can assume that it is suitable.

As I said, it is normal to supply the name of only one estate and only for the Firearms Certificate application. They should recognise that you have permission to shoot elsewhere and condition the certificate accordingly.


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Thereis a very good book which you can buy and i would say it is a must have. The u.k is one county but plod seems to have diffrent rules for diffrent forces we have to make them tow the line. Any way the name of the book is
My one is the 2002 copy and i also have the 1989 copy' the cost was £9.05. Telephone orders 0870 600 5522. or you can order from The Stationrey Office Bookshops or , Get one it makes interesting reading, so you can see how the law stands not as these numtys would like to see it,you can even phone the home office itself and i found them to be very helpful. :D :) ;)
PS I,m just a little disaponted in the responce i got for my own post on my own FAC renewal but thank you anyway.
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