Appropriate surnames.


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When I worked for Barclays, one of my managers was called Mr Fidler and the head of the local wills and trusts department was Mr Angel!!


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Report on farm in my village about rabbit farming - reporter a Mr Hare!! 😄


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Remember my Father taking a photo back in the 70’s when we’re on holiday in Devon of a van with the signage, “Robin Bastard” Antiques on the side of it.
An old Head keeper of mine frequently told of an estate in the south of England which had 4 beat keepers employed with the surnames of North, East, South and West. Don’t know how true that was.
Used to know a keeper in Wiltshire called Ray Rabbit though.


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Some years ago in Tasmania, a man charged with murder had a defending barrister named Slaughter.
I don't know the outcome.


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While in graduate school (Plant Science) one of my profs was the Enolgist (Doctor of Winemaking). His names was Richard Vines PhD

Bo Diddley

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I think it was in the film Porkys, the chaps get the lass to ask if anyone has seen Mike Hunt over the tannoy, he was the lost friend :rofl: