Are CBD products availible for dogs in the uk?


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Basically my dog has got canine meningitis and were running out of treatment options that dont have equally bad side effects. He responded really well to steroids in terms of his pain but it caused extreme muscle wastage which in turn caused weakness in his legs, kept falling and also left him very lethargic. Dropped the dose of steroids but it's become ineffective so we've added a nerve blocker which isn't doing much. We've been offered two sorts of immunosuppressants, ones cheap with nasty side effects and the others too expensive to be viable long term.

obviously I've been on the Internet looking for any new miracle cures, only thing that looks promising is CBD/CBS based products like Canna-Pet or hemp oils. Just wondered if anyone knows if they can be prescribed by vets in the uk and their effectiveness for pain caused by inflammation.

We're at the point where it's either find some that works for him without side effects or have him put to sleep, either way he's not suffering.