Are v-max and z-max the same bullet


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Hi, I have read on a few places that the hornady v-max and the hornady z-max are the exact same bullet except for color of the polymer tip. Does anyone know for definite if this is true?

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And only one of them has a nuclear tip with added tannerite plus 2mg of anti-after life.

Yes, they are the same. Somewhere is google land there is a photo and explanation of a selection of Z-Max cut in half, with their equivalent next to them. Most are V-Max in disguise, and as Edi said yesterday a couple of the heavy 30 cal ones are A-Max.

You can always message Hornady and ask them. They aren’t as responsive as Sierra, but they will get back to you.

For what its worth I’ve been using these on small game and hundreds of goats and they are fantastic.


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Saw a thread from Hornady stating the only difference between Amax and Vmax was the packaging, so recon zmax would be the same + the ability to slaughter Zombies
Not to many Zombies up my way so will stick to Vmax for the foxes,,,, never had a dead one turn into a zombie fox so maybe they do the same as zmax with zombies


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Thanks everybody. I have checked up on it and apparently it was a marketing thing by hornady (due to a big tv series in america featuring zombies) but it was not as big of a success as they thought it would be!!