Aren't mums fab

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Hi guys

Did anyone get unexpected but good presents this Christmas?

My mum bless her (im 36 by the way) asked what I wanted, so I asked for a manual meat mincer - but she went and bought me an electric one that makes sausages and all sorts - im well chuffed!

Can't wait to give it a try, just sourcing some sausage skins now.

I have an ex girlfriend and her new hubby visiting from Prague in a couple of days time, and they've bought some homemade boar Chorizo with them - ive got to try and compete with that! - can't let the side down after all, any decent pork recipes out there?





Well done go on to scoobies direct they have everything you will need including all the mixes


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scobies seems to win hands down on price. Good one cos the place I used to get them nearly tripled their prices in the last 18 months :eek:


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i hope ya gave your mum lots of hugs and kisses Daemo
its the type of thing my mum did :lol: god bless her

widows son

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They have outlets throughout the country

When you go to buy skins buy Dry collagen skins much easier to work with
also when mixing the meat through the mincer use chilled water helps preserve the sausage .
Good mixes for Venison are:
Caramelized onion and black pepper
Lincolnshire sausage mix
Rosemary and cranberry mix


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Good tips there Widows Son,

I use just pork seasoning for my breakfast sausages to prevent too strong a flavour.

I prefer to use the natural casings though. I think the collagen ones require a higher fat content to prevent the case toughening during cooking.

I also get some of my supplies straight from my butcher, this can be a good way of experimenting with smaller quantities before stepping up to a mass production once a recipe has been found.

widows son

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For Venison use a little lamb or pork fat saves the skins bursting and the Venison drying out, when frying if you just use Venison you can hammer them into the wall when there cooked, because there dried out due to the low fat content in Venison ,lamb fat gives them a better taste .


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I have been experimenting with sausage mixes for about 2 years now, and you need to get the real skins, not the plastic ones. They split too easily.

Also save the fat from the deer for making the sausages and mix in with the meat, especially the fat around the kidneys. I also experimnet with adding garlic and onion, and red wine. The last batch came out a treat, and was a mixture of Roe and Sika meat.

Lovelly jubbly :D


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Thanks for the tips everyone.

My local butcher is letting me have some hog cases, so i'll have a try with these first.

Red wine and garlic sound good too.

Right, im off to buy full english supplies as im showing my Czech friends what a real breakfast is!


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