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Wanted: Argo, argocat, snow trac, scot track, parts, non runners etc


Looking to purchase any of the following:

Argo 6x6 8x8 from 70's up to 2012
Snow tracs
Scot tracks
Gnat 3 wheeler

Any condition, non runners, etc or even just parts for the above.




Well-Known Member
Wish I had known of you a couple of years ago, I acquired a gnat complete with its own trailer which could be used to transport it , it could also tow its own trailer, I acquired the gnat around 1990 , although it ran it need a bit of restoration work it needed all the wooden panels replaced,brakes and all control cables , and it still had the front weights which many people seem to remove, however I did all that and used in on the hill for a few years, unfortunately scrapped it about two years ago, it was still in reasonable condition, but the tyres were completely done and I found replacements impossible to get.


Oh no !!

I collect snow tracs and other older tracked vehicles, I'd love a gnat as part of my collection.



Well-Known Member
a customer of mine who is buying a new quad of me had an argocat that he will be getting rid of let me have your number and i can pass it on to him then he can ring you direct if you want


New Member
Hi, I sell the Ironhorse & Scottrac Ox14 new if someone is looking for one.

​Artcom Tradebridge


Hi, do you know of any user forums for Scot Trac Glencoe please? Just bought an early one (Citroen 2CV engine and manual) with great chains and sprockets and bearings. I was looking for an Argocat but they were either too expensive or knackered. The Scot Trac hadn't been used for a few years but started right up after I put an electronic ignition unit on and after a bit of use it's freed up nicely . Now I'm thinking about looking for some tracks for it.