Arran memories!


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Cracking stags. I can understand the lure of Arran if beasts that size are possible for reasonable money.


Chris J

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We didn't bag a beast between the lot of us when I went up, but it wouldn't stop me going again. We had a fantastic time. Mate and I took a cottage for the whole week during the hind season and had a laugh start to finish. especially when we went round the North of the island and saw how many deer there were up there. More like sheep! We ran out of fingers and toes counting them. There were even slots in the damn car park.

I had two split second chances that would have been shots if there had been a backstop. But a 200 grainer can go a mighty long way.


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Not the best of pics but this is Arran yesterday ( I usually look over at her daily)
My friend is stalking there this week, hope he doesn't get last week's weather!!


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At last some pictures of the imperial stag I've heard the story, once or twice,wow that's a stag, thanks for digging them out Steve


I was over there last weekend (woodcock and teal ) and the weather was unbelievable. Was lucky to get across, from gouroch on the Wednesday night and even luckier to get back on the Sunday.........wouldn't have missed it for the world.......special place.