arran stalking


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any one heading to arran during the first week of december to stalk with the basc and if so were are you stopping if you dont mind letting on.
many thanks poppins


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Hi Poppins
When i went to Arran last year i stayed at the Glencloy Farmhouse B&B it,s just down the road from the main hotel where you meet and he will give you a packup for the day instead of your breakfast and if you get the glencloy beat you can walk from the B&B onto it and when you at the top of glencloy you can see can see the B&B and wish you were still in the nice and warm bed. I hope you see more deer than we did (2) let alone shot one


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i know the feeling, just returned this evening.....12 stalkers with a total of 5 deer sighted and none shot

unfotunatly very disapointing, i think that the basc scheme on arran is unsustaianable, with all the stalkers reporting next to no sign of deer on their beats.



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Blimey, that`s not good news. It`s a bit of a sorry state of affairs.
I`ve just been made redundant, i`d rather offer one of you lot a bit of cash for a stalk rather than risk one of these outfits.


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Sorry to hear that mate .. a sign of the times I am afraid we have never been so skint I can't even afford my subs for the syndicate this year so in the same boat as you. :cry:


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Stalking this year has been difficult,with constant rain and howling gales, I'm not making excuses here but this is being echoed throughout the F.C
South West.
This weekend has been a real eye opener, heavy snow on Saturday and freezing temperatures at night left 85% of the beats completely covered.
There was certainly a different attitude on Sunday with most people seeing slots in the snow the following morning... on beats where there were no deer!
We even had deer crossing the rides behind the shooting range when we were zeroing on Monday morning,5 all in all, some even stood and watched us, the stalkers that are on that beat are already complaining that they are not seeing a lot of sign of deer on that beat..This is only after one evenings stalk on a 3000 acre beat.
Will keep you informed as the week progresses..



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i dont't know if that is true... i know for a fact that 6 of the 12 didn,t bother to go out on the sunday mornining, so the attitude of most of the stalkers couldn,t have changed, as half of them were so disapopinted with the previous 2 days (of fine weather) stalking.



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Sorry if I seam a bit nieve, but it's called stalking Not shooting. If you don't go out you will not have a chance of a shot, surely.
they are WILD after all. It takes a lot of time to cover 3000 acres.



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I think I would tend to believe Griff - I was there last year for the stags and, although I wouldn't say the place was crawling with deer, there were certainly some there. My experience there would tend to suggest that the participants expectations are too high (I know mine were). The stalking is hard, the terrain difficult, and I had the feeling that a lot of the people there didn't have the technique or experience (especially with the terrain) to get the best out of it.
The beats are huge, mine certainly had areas of very dense woodland with lots of food available and the odds are definitely on the side of the deer. The most successful people during my week were the ones that spent the most time out.
At the end of the day this is woodland stalking and I know that on my local stalking (woodland as well and all done from high seats) I probably average one deer shot for every 6-8 outings. If I had to do it on foot I would shoot even less.
If you want nearly guaranteed shooting, I think you need to be out on the hill. At least you can spot them a long way away. Then you just need a good stalker to get you close enough to shoot. Again, my experience of hill stalking would suggest that;
1 - Without the stalker being there, most people wouldn't spot the deer until too late (or at all!).
2 - Without the stalker being there, most people wouldn't be able to get close enough for a shot.
Just my two penneth :lol:


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BASC are not witholding of any of the data on what happens on all of their member "management stalking schemes".

Plenty of deer culled every year. You can't argue the ratio of gun days/kills. Commercial stalking it 'ain't.

More happy stalkers than unhappy. Stalking is about working the ground/weather and making the best of it.

The BASC staff on the ground on all three schemes are certainly proactive.

How many deer do we expect to "see" before we are happy?

Surely seeing one deer and not being able to stalk onto it is the fault of the stalker ;)



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I have to agre with the last 2posts. There seems to be a lot of wingers on the scheme and not that many doers.

We are talking about wild deer here. If you want a certainty why don't you find a zoo somewhere and ask if you can shoot the captive animals.

Stop winging and get on with it.

If you are not out there putting the hours in you are going to come back empty handed.

Also if you don't like hunting then I suggest you give it up.


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I am not wingeing, just telling what happened the week i was there, allthough we only saw 1 deer, i still very much enjoyed Arran.

I don't to pretend to be an expert stalker , but the one thing i do know is that my partner and i did put the effort in.


Sako 75 243

just got back from a very enjoyable trip on Arran, I witnessed 5 deer shot in 8 days with me getting one big hind. Me and my stalking partner glassed and bumped plenty of deer. I will be going back next year. Its a dead cert you will not see or shoot deer from the Auchrannie bar so get walking.

I stopped at the Morvern House B&B only £22 a night they made up a pack lunch everday and they were very friendly. Tel: 01770 860254

Thanks again to Neil and Bob.


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thats good news,well done...its still beyond me how some poeple have to state the obvious, of course you won,t shoot any thing from the bar, or was that an effert at sarcasm.



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Sako 75 243 said:
just got back from a very enjoyable trip on Arran, I witnessed 5 deer shot in 8 days with me getting one big hind. Me and my stalking partner glassed and bumped plenty of deer. I will be going back next year.
i can only guess you were with the little fella, i think his new nickname is golden b@@@s
:evil: :evil: