Artakis falkland waterproof trouser


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Anyone use then and how do you find them
I have a falkland coat and am very very pleased with it, just wondered if you chat and chapeses, use them
Thanks in advance
Usual applies, if you dont own a pair please dont comment
many thanks


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Arktis ?
On my second pair now, absolutely love them to bits.
I have got the cordura patches on the front and back.

​The only place they wear is on the inside of the ankles, the same as most trousers.


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I got a pair recently, totally waterproof, only thing I don't like is they're a bit noisy. I've been told that once they've been washed a few times they get quieter.


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When the weather cools down i wear them everyday for work and never got wet. Too good in warmer weather and they do soften a bit after a few washes.


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got two pairs excellent trouser once washed a couple of times they do quieten down.
cant fault them can feel a liitle sticky in warm weather.
prob wear mine for 200 days a year in all weathers. wife has the jacket and is super warm and dry.


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I have a pair (and the jacket) and can firmly recommend them. As has already been said you need to wash them a couple of times to soften them up.

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