Artschool's Xmas Competition


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Ok so with the permission of the moderators i thought i might add some festive cheer to this great website that enables us all to get out hunting with like minded people!

The actual range is not shown on any of the images in my other thread! You have to guess!

I was fortunate enough to get out to south africa again this year and whist i was looking at a kudu through my range finding binoculars i thought the photos would make a great SD competition.

The prize is going to be the Boker knife that i carried whilst out there, as they have skinners deal with the game you shoot the knife is unused :oops:.
IMG_1012 copy.jpgIMG_1017 copy.jpg

this is the question you must guess to win.

What is the range in metres to the Kudu Bull in this photo?

The photo was taken through 8x42 Binos.
IMG_0606 copy.jpg

only stipulation is that the competition is only open to existing members with 100 posts. You also must be over 18 and live in the UK.

I will let this run until Christmas Day and the closest to the range wins the knife.

Best of luck!!!!!!
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Maybe 750?

if you have a look at the photos in my write up there are some hints but i am keeping the final range photo a secret!

also you are only allowed one guess!

i have a photo with the exact range and one of the SD mods has already seen it so i cant cheat!
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Great gesture Artschool.

344 metres

Merry Christmas

Too slow revise 343 meters from :)
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