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For Sale: As new Stihl Chainsaw Protective equipment


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Admin - I hope this post is ok

I have this equipment surplus to requirements - it was to be used on a thinning project a year or two ago - in the end we decided on clearfell and used contract harvesters

I have available

13- pairs of Stihl Green Class 1 trousers
36 waist
31 leg
11 pairs are still in the bags
£80 each plus PP

5- Green and orange Stihl loggers jackets
XL 58/60 inches
£65 plus PP

Any pictures please drop me a line and i can whatsapp them through
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Hi. Can you provide more info please
Class 1?
Type A, C?
Attaching a photo would help.


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Hi Malc
I know it does sound odd !
I bought a load of them all together and only used a small number of them
Had these sat in the "dining room" for a year or so and actually only just got round to seeing what I had ! - honest !
Its a long complicated story but I was going to get the felling done by a team of lads but I had to supply the kit etc etc
Hope that's ok - and not trying to avoid a trade membership -
Happy to send pics of the harvester working again at the moment


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Hmm so all of these guys were the same waist and leg size then :rolleyes: I think you may need to take out trade membership if only while you sell them. Its only £10 per month.
I would be interested in a banner or something for my actual business = Please could you PM me prices etc ?


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The trousers have just arrived, via my neighbour...and although you had written the correct address, the couriers had printed out and stuck their own label over the top of it with my name but my neighbour two properties along's address...but then managed to deliver it to the neighbours in between! All three same post code and not the first time!

They look great thank you.

I have tried them on, and would warn other purchasers that if you are on the plus side of 36" they will be a bit tight...I like to think I am on the plus side of 34" but it depends on the cut whether I can get away with them. They are an extremely snug fit on me to say the least!

I am thinking they will be quite effective insulation for sitting in a frosty high seat...as well as chain saw protection.

Just have to find somewhere to store them where the mice can't nest in them like they did in my old Oregon bib and brace ones... :(

Than you again, Alan


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Maybe lockdown has expanded you a little !!

I have Been on the pop all day and had a pizza and a half !!

In all seriousness are they ok for you though ?