Ase .25 SL5 Vs 30 CAL Jets Z on a 6.5x 55

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Hi All

Currently running an SL5 .25 on my 6.5 x 55, just wondering if the 30 cal Jet Z would be better or worse, more volume but bigger hole!

Anyone running a 30 cal Jet Z on a 6.5 and if so what is the noise reduction like??


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SL5 22-24db reduction,

Jet Z 26-32db reduction. 2db can be a halving of noise so that's a big difference in favour of the Jet Z that won't be overcome by a tighter baffle.

For what it's worth the Jet Z design is so efficient it doesnt seem affected by baffle diameter. A friend had one bored out to 375 and we couldn't tell the difference on 308 between it and a normal diameter jet z.


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Jet z compact mod will be longer on the end of the barrel so it's got to be quieter than the SL5 , it's just so damn heavy

if they made an alli or TI jet z compact that would be really good


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I have both on different rifles, and unless you have a sound level meter is really don't think your going to notice. Both built like tanks, can't see the advantage of added expenses really.


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I've got a 30cal jet z on a 243. No probs at all. I can't tell the difference between that and a T8 on my other rifle