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Hi guys
I am looking for a mod for a .243 cal stainless Sako 85, after advice on this forum I intend to go for the ASE AU SL5 , my question is this, would there be any noticeable performance difference between the .30 cal version and the 6mm version when fitted to my 243?

I ask this question as If I were to purchase a .308 rifle in the future then I could potentially use one mod for both rifles.

​Many thanks.

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Few of us are equipped to accurately measure sound levels - so comes down to perception. What you hear tends to be more influenced by the surroundings than specifics of the moderator - within reason.

To my ear ( only one works ) there's no direct correlation between elements that you'd think were important. If top 'silence' is a major need, then stack the deck in your favour. Otherwise without trying I dont think anyone can give a definitive reply in terms of how it'll sound to you.

That aside, the SL5 is a great unit and performs well.


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I have the same mod with 30 cal hole, its been on a 25 06, 30 06, 6.5 06 and a 308, my mate said he thought it was marginally louder on 25 06, maybe due to bullets going faster, dont think the deer or foxes mod ive had.
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