Assassin for hire....


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​I'm an assassin for hire today.

Daughters school friends mum has a fox plaguing her chickens/bantams and ducks. All but cleaned out the bantams yesterday afternoon.

Same fox is doing it, not seen it yet but by all accounts it's quite dark skinned, and the cheeky bar steward even led a full frontal on the coop while the lady was in the garden!

Sat out on Wednesday evening for a few hours, again didn't see Reynard, but two Fallow deer came in the garden! Garden seems to be quite small at first glance, turns out that some carefully placed Quercus are hiding about 10 acres all up! And that's why the Fallow are coming in, for the acorns.

Needless to say I've picked up said 10 acres and can now take a few deer off of it a year.