Asturias - anyone shoot or fish there?


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My sister has moved there and I am off to visit early July.

Just wondered if anyone has any sporting experience there?




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I visited that area several years ago, mostly for the trout fishing. Great area for brown trout, salmon and sea trout. Really clean, clear water. Incredibly beautiful areas to fish.....can't beat it.
However, it was an almighty struggle to get the paperwork organised for our trip and there are complicated rules about where and when you can fish.....
there was no fishing allowed on Thursdays and Mondays, I think. Some streams are private others have public access. You can contact the local Turismo for info on where to get paperwork done. I think it was the town hall or somewhere like that.
A license is necessary for any fishing at all, even in the sea, if my memory serves correctly.
Permits are required for private waters.

I just found a website with some more details:
Fly fishing in Spain - Asturias

If I was going back over there I would definitely be contacting these people to help organise it better.

It was quite complicated for me as my Spanish is not great and this aint benidorm so the locals don't speak much English (fortunately) and I ended up spending most of my trip photographing Chamois and lizards in the mountains during the daytime and having Sidra poured all over my shoes on the terrazas in the evenings.

Hiring the services of a local guide would definitely be the best plan.

I don't know what area you will be staying in, but the area to the west of the towns of Aviles, Oviedo and Gijon was my favourite area. Actually, just thinking about it makes me want to go back there again.

As far as shooting goes, I wouldn't expect it to be any less complicated to organise but there are Chamois, Roe, Wild Boar etc in good numbers.
Good luck!
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Thanks so much for taking the time to write Buckaroo. Their place is near Luarca, and as they are livng there they can do a bit of pre work for me.

I am thinkng summer type flies for the salmon and maybe hitch tubes etc. does that sound about right? Having said that they should have a bit if flow on the rivers so perhaps normal rules work and it's Dee type stuff size depending upon height of water. It'll be a complete result if I can work out a bit of salmon and sea trout water there. Do you happen to know if they night fish for the sea troot?

thanks again


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Luarca is a terrific, friendly little town, I stayed there for a few days and saw some big sea trout resting among the boats in the harbour there (waiting to run upstream perhaps?)
There are some good bars and restaurants along the street by the harbour as well, where the locals will want to demonstrate to you, the pouring of cider, into a glass, from a great height!
You should also try the local bean and sausage stew: fabada asturiana (deceptively filling)

If you take the AS219 road south from Luarca for about 10 miles, you will find a village called Bustiello de la Cabuerna I was reliably informed by a local angler in a bar there that there is some good trout fishing in this vicinity but I cannot remember exactly where.

I wouldn't have a clue what flies to recommend for that area. I just took a selection of different gear. I also don't know anything about the night fishing there.
As I said, if I went back again I would definitely book a local guide for at least one full day (or two half days) to get a feel for it, before striking out on my own.
A good fishing guide is worth his weight in gold! they will know the best place to fish, the best fly to use....etc..also would probably give some guidance on where to fish on your own and might have contacts for shooting as well!

I'm sorry that I can't be of any more help and wish you the best of luck for your visit, I'm sure that any angler would enjoy fishing there and exploring the area even if you don't manage to catch any fish!