At last after a very long search !


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i have finally secured a doner left handed action for my 30-06 build and here she is , at the moment chambered in 270 win

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just waiting for the invoice so i can then pay the bill .

i want the rifle to specificly shoot 180gn - 200gn projectiles , so any surgestions on barrels and profiles ?

any recomentations greatfully recieved .




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Funny you should say that I was thinking of fitting a muzzle break just to be different!

Different? That would just put you in the rabble. Clean and elegant lines is what seems to be lost these days.~Muir

PS: Muzzle breaks usually increase the noise level and in that regard, I guess you would be different! I have a Boss on a 308 Norma Mag. It makes shooters 100 feet away at the range cringe when I squeeze the trigger.
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