Atec CMM4

So over the last 12 months I've shot exactly zero deer, not for the lack of trying I must add. For one reason or another it just hasn't happened. As a result my gear has been a bit neglected as my rifle has come out the cabinet, been carried round for a bit and then put back in again. On occasion I've checked zero but not removed the mod after.

My pals new set up prompted me to have a closer look at my A-tec mod and as I unscrewed the baffles I can see some deterioration around the passage way which appears to get worse getting the closer to the rifle it gets. The last baffle I can't actually unscrew from the threaded barrel mount, which I expect to be worse. Reading various reviews and posts I understand that corrosion can be accelerated if the mod isn't maintained properly and also from 'gas cutting' when a shot is fired. I'm not sure how clear it is in the photo if you haven't seen it before. W

hat do people define as excessive before the baffles should be replaced?





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Hi Jonny.
They are fine mate. The one that you can't unscrew will be the best of all as the bit that has erroded away on the other baffles nearly touches the steel insert with the thread in. So the gas does not seem to cut this one. It's the middle two which suffer the worse. When the entire protrusion has gone its time for a new baffle which are available from Jacksons for £26 I think if you send the old one back. Out of interest roughly how many rounds is that and on what caliber?

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They do look to have started eroding a bit but they still have plenty of life left in them. I wouldnt worry till it starts to get louder ive had mine years and they look as good as the day i put them on my rifle i do occasionally spray the internals with oil.
It's 22-250 and probably less than 150 shots fired. Yes I think exchange under warranty puts cost at about £16. That's good news if they are ok. Should I try and separate the seized baffle before it gets proper stuck? I've tried some thermal expansion, giving it a shock/bump and a good twist in a vice. The only other thing I thought of is the impact gun but the hex head isn't a true hex so I was worried a socket would damage it.


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I wouldn't spend too much time trying to seperate the stuck one. I have one on 22-250 also and it does seem to wear faster than the one on .308. I did use up a few rounds that were given to me with the rifle it's fitted on which I think were running a bit hot so may have contributed to the quick erosion. The .308 seems less effected but is running at slower speeds/not hot loads.
They are a bugger to get any grip on without damaging them so perhaps Jacksons can do it if you ever send it back?