Sold: ATN Mars-HD 640 X 480 2.5-25x Smart HD Thermal Rifle Scope


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I bought this with the best intentions, but the shooting permission never materialised. and it is not getting used.

I have used it only around 30 Hrs total, it is pristine and is supplied with a contessa quick release X-Mount for for picatinny rail and 2 sets of KENTLI batteries (8 of) and a USB Kentli charger. It comes with boxes and carrying pouch and a lense cap i fitted to protect from dings.
Unit is around 3 years old, selling as it would be bettor of being used for what it was designed for, not sat in my cupboard. raising cash for a projects

Price £2,000 plus shipping if required. It cost £3000, so grab a bargain. Resolution is fantastic and I would say marginally sharper than my Pulsar Helion XP 50. You can set multiple rifles up in stored memeory and transfer between as needed.


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Just a note to say I know Simon well and have shot with him for years, a genuine bloke who looks after his kit, the 30 hrs he has listed is probably an overestimation of what the scope has done so this is definitely a bargain. If I didn't have an extension to pay for then I would seriously consider buying this for myself!