Atn thermal scope


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Hi all Iv been offered the above thermal scope, just wanted to know a review or two (any good) cheers bij

Free range rob

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I used one, and to be frank, I didn’t rate I for the money.
It was no better than my pulsar, but a LOT more money, it was fiddly (I dare say I could have got used to that) but in the heat of the moment I found it too fiddly, and couldn’t see where the extra money went.


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A pal of mine has one on his Tikka. Good for spotting and shooting up to 150, past that I personally find it very pixilated and difficult to positively ID. Batteries last 4+ hours. Been out in some awful weather and no issues, although range can be limited in bad weather.
Personally I would not part with the cash for one (ATN's customer service is known to be dire) and will continue to stick with my red filtered T50 torch. I do a bit during the day and night so prefer a day scope I can dial with and a lamp for night work.