ATN x sight day/night vision


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Yes ...

to be honest, there are LOTS of threads & plenty of posts.. Not all by owners & some owners only owned for a matter of hours , not a reasonable length of time for testing in conditions ..
my view .. Forget all the side issues ( firmware ) & gadgets , the scope can be updated & issues can be resolved,
however, when I compared ( side by side ) to my pulsar unit in the field at night, it didn't cut it.. It was close but just not as good .. I used IR from the ATN one supplied, a T20, 2 x T20, a T50, pulsar 808 laser, pulsar 940
what I found was it was very IR hungry, and didn't give great depth of field.. Likewise the picture looked like it was in soft focus, not sharp


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PM 'Eric the Red' - he's been testing the X-Sight extensively and seems to have got to grips with it. I believe he rates it very highly for what it is, a digital day sight with night vision capability. He's worth speaking to even if he is a terminal night vision geek!