Austrian online hunting channel


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Looks good. Will have to tell my old man, he lives in Austria. Great place for stalking. Chamois are my favourite out there.


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hi guys
if your looking for some good hunting sites i have found these
yukon men this is on the discovory channel on sky about 15hrs of shooting & trapping ( bears,deer goats elk ,moose ) the girl that shoots a moose ,1600lbs of meat when d-boned .i have not got a mansion to put the head in.:thumb:

alaska the last frontier is on discovery channel .a bit of farming and fishing as well .:thumb:

meateater is on sportsman channel ( us) this one is a must to watch ,he lives to hunt & hunts to live .( bow fishing turkey,deer bear elk moose quail goats boar )he gos boar hunting with two dogs & a knife :oops::thumb: ( he's on facebook steve renlla )
but you can down load all of these from any torrent site . i will try and find a zip code for the sportsman channel ( us) and pass it on to you all
happy veiwing


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you need to down load to a pc then you can put it a hard drive and pop in tv and play if its a smart tv or as a usb port