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I've been asked a question I cannot find the answers to myself.

As I know there are many avid readers among our ranks, more avid than me I'm certain, I wonder if any of you can help provide these answers.

The subject in question is a certain author who wrote under the name Donald Sutherland (perhaps a psuedonym? though possibly not) and he is/was not the famous Canadian actor of the same name (as far as I can tell).

His only book of any fame was the reason behind an overseas friend of mine asking if I knew more about this author, which I don't :(

The book is a quite interesting and entertaining Biography, purporting to be about his own life growing up as the ill cast son of a well-to-do middle class Oban family and relates tales of the ordinary highland folk, their ways and distractions which painted in his story. Perfect reading for an ever so slightly "soppy" and definitely quite "petit bourgeois" Frenchman (who's also a devoted Chasseur des Sangliers) who enjoys fueling his romantic notions of being transported to another life as Scots country lad, in a forgotten time. Cheeky git forgets I'm just such a soul, but "Am nae frae Oban or the heelans!", so clearly nothing romantic about my life :rolleyes:

Anyways: The title of his book is:

Butt and Ben A highland Boyhood by Donald Sutherland

In short: Can any of you shed any light on who this author actually was/is and if he wrote anything else?

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There was a Donald Robert Grant Sunderland (Not the most common of names who was in the Royal Artillery in 1915

The undermentioned Cadets and ex-Cadetsof the Officers Training Corps to be temporarySecond Lieutenants. Dated 23rd February,1915: —Robert Neville Rowbotham.​
Donald Robert Grant Sutherland.

Can you tell I have sod all to do at work today?

And Donald Robert Grant Sutherland was the authors full name.


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