Authorisation to purchase question.

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Thanks to those who replied to my AOLQ question. Here's another one for those who have either had a rifle built using a donor action or re barrelled an existing rifle in a different caliber.
When I submit my renewal I'm looking to request authority to acquire a 25.06. Now I'm prepared to wait for the right one to come along however what would I need to put on my renewal to allow me to say have a 270 or 30.06 re barrelled in 25.06. Obviously I cannot purchase a rifle in a caliber that I am not authorised to posses and an RFD cannot buy it on my behalf so how can I get round this. Any ideas or advice from someone who's been through the process.....

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There are various ways in which this can be achieved but the most convenient to you, depends upon where you intend to source the donor action and the new barrel. Next is whether you intend to do the work yourself or commission a rifle-smith to do it.
One very simple method would be to ask a RFD to source the donor rifle and place it on the register. There is no reason in law why a RFD cannot buy a rifle with a particular customer in mind. It could be held by the RFD then transferred RFD to RFD to the rifle-smith who will be fitting the new barrel. In that scenario, all you would do is apply to acquire one 25-06 rifle and when your new rifle is ready, it would be entered on your FAC like any other acquisition. If you wish to do the whole thing yourself, it is possible without too much trouble but not so simple as the above.
If you give more details of your intention, I may be able to give other advice.


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and an RFD cannot buy it on my behalf

Why not?
if the RFD is doing the work for you he is purchasing a rifle of whatever calibre for his stock
he rebarrels it and sells it as a 25-06 to you

so long as you do not take possession of the calibre you do not have authority for I see no issue

if you wish to do it yourself you would need both calibres on your FAC as the chambered new barrel becomes an item that you need authoruty for.