auto electricians advice req,d


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hi folks

dunnoe if any auto electricians on here but here goes...

55plate x-trail and the front loading car stereo stopped working via the buttons on main unit itself but still functioned perfectly from controls on steering column....

other day switch it on an its asking for the code for it to work...but hasnt been disconnected from battery at all....dont have a book or code for it so down to local auto electrician to send away to a guy who can de code it to work again....
now tellin me the main micro porcessor has given up and stereo not working at all..:-| mmmm timing is very suss......its gonna be £450 for a swap for a working unit!!!!!!! but he can source on from nissian auto guys for £355!!!!

so im thinknig maybe i can get one from an breakers site like 1st choice or similar but he says nope it must be from folk like him as some stereos are tied in to nissans "NATS" anti theft system and its tied to the motor...

1) i just dont like the local auto guy seems dodgy but no other in area
2) im very suss how stereo now totaly crappe dout since he got it...apparently buttons on front not working are sign its on way out

any ideas if they speaking crap and im gonna be best part of £400 for another stereo?

sauer / paul


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Why dont you ring a nissan garage and some other auto elecs somewhere else in the country and ask them if you can swap radio, get two or three answers first but he could be speaking truth