Autumn Watch

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Nice bit of coverage of the boar and stags.

Not to sure about Kate's beaver though probably a bit dirty and smelly after being in that muddy water :D :D

That all aside the program is interesting and quite informative and l think it could do a lot better with a change of presenter, still l suppose we only have to put up with him twice a year and Simon's passionate presentations outshine that idiot all the way.

paul k

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Great fliming and Kate is fine but that idiot Oddie just has to try and get the last word in and upstage her all the time. He's also far too anthropomorphic and tells us what animals are thinking all the time - they are not!

If they got rid of him and just used the lovely Kate and Simon King it would be brilliant.

That stag Magnus has an exceptional head for Scotland, I made it all of 16 points but with elk like throwback at the tops, but interestingly he's not the master stag. On a more managed estate that "murder stag" Brutus would have been taken out long ago as a danger to others.


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Who thinks the film crew have been putting down grain/apples etc for the past month so that they can suddenly find these very shy pigs :lol: . It doesnt look like normal behaviour to me.

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