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Woodland Stalking Average Shot distance

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I am conducting research for a future article for the site and a shooting mag.

Please be honest in the replies, I am only interested in stats not ethics and want to form a true picture of shot distances both on the hill and in woodland from a broad spectrum of the stalking community.

If you add a reply to the poll and dont add a written reply that just fine.

There is no hidden agenda here and I am not an anti, fishing for a story, I have posted the same question on UKV site where my username is Ronin.

I will post the same question on Hill Stalking as I am unable to post a combined one as the poll is too large.

Thanks in advance

Bandit Country

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Virtually all my stalking has been woodland and my record show the overall average falls in the 50-100 yards range.

Redmist & Ronin eh? I don't suppose your stalking knife is a Tanaka is it? :lol:


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redmist can't vote on the poll as i hav different records for different species of deer, but shall start with these

point blank to 50yrds

100yrds approx




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no probs redmist
they are an average of the distances i shoot most of these species at
as for reds i hav only shot 5 stags and about 7 hinds and calfs and all of those bar one were within 50 metres both hill and woodland and all the sika i hav shot (5 i think)were all about 100 yrds on scottish forestry rides
hope this helps in your survey

paul k

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In woodland or around it my average shot is 50 - 100 yards but quite a few are taken inside 50 yards and relatively few beyond 100 yards.

This is not because I do not have confidence in the longer shots, I can shoot targets accurately to over 700 yards out, I just believe the name of the sport is stalking and enjoy gettig as close as I can.

I find that I can get closer to muntjac and roe than I can fallow or reds, possibly because there's always one in a group of fallow or reds with its head up.


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Looking back at my records since 2000, the average distance is just over 58 metres, the shortest 20 metres and the maximum 150 metres.

Hope this helps.



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Average shot distance

The British Deer Society did a survey not long past on this amongst other woodland stalking stats. Contact them.

mole trapper

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Personally i put 50-100 yds, in the last 7 years i probably have only shot two or three deer further than a hundred yards, could be to do with the nature of my permissions, it is probably more to do with my short sightedness and the fear of missing.