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Andy L

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How long is a piece of string. So much depends on when, where, age etc. that weights can go from 70lb to 300lb quite easily.


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Here are few weights from my personnal records in SW Scotland.

Hind 59.9 kilos - 131.78 lbs
Hind 64.0 kilos - 140.8 lbs
Hind 65.5 kilos - 144.1 lbs
Hind 47.6 kilos - 104.72 lbs
Stag 91.7 kilos - 201.74 lbs
Stag 58.0 kilos - 127.6 lbs
Stag 86.5 kilos - 190.3 lbs
Stag 60.0 kilos - 132 lbs

Hope this helps ;)



Many thanks for a quick reply, Im going for a stalk on reds in Norfolk in the next couple of weeks and was thinking of buying the carcase so was just after a rough idea of what i should expect to pay.


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Bear in mind that Norfolk reds are likely to be far better nourished than their Scottish cousins and, as a result, considerably bigger. The animals I have seen in the county are MONSTERS.


Expect to pay 300 notes and you wont be far wrong i shot a beast last season and its hook weight was considerably more than 400 llbs and he was not the biggest in the group. ;)
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