Avoiding frozen toes...


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I have used my Mukluks. Put them on once settled in the seat. Feet kept warm and no problem Stalking in.


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If your feet sweat they’ll get cold and stay cold.
I’ve spent £100 on decent socks over the years with the “latest tech” best I’ve found to date are merino wool ones.
As for hands wear wrist warmers it keeps the blood going into your hands warm. Sounds odd but actually works. It’s why the swedes do it.


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So amazon prime bites again i now officially own a pair of electric socks. Cheers singer stalker I’m going to get some flack for these.


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Check out Little Hotties on Amazon - bulk pack of 40 pairs is £25 next day...

These are the ones you want - says 8 hours but opened some on sat at 6am and they were still warm when I got home at 7pm...


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Thanks for the replies guys. The heated socks sound good.

It's amazing the lengths we'll go to and discomfort we'll endure to get a few hours away from our families/ better halves to fulfil our primeval hunter urges :)


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When I broke my leg and ankle 5+ years ago, people told me that I would feel the cold because of all the ironwork that had been installed. I had had some Lacrosse chest waders that had very warm boots, so I had a look for something from them. I bought some of these. LaCrosse Pine Top Leather/Fabric 11 Inch Walking Boot (Men's) - Black They include an inner sock that appears to be neoprene. They are no longer available, but these are. LaCrosse Footwear - Cold Snap Mossy Oak Break-Up 1200G
I have never needed to wear the ones I bought more than a few times. I also have some Skee-Tex Field Boots | Angling Direct

375 mag

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Ebay, heated socks I think I paid £30 they have a battery at the top of each sock no good for walking about but OK sat down.


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I’ll have to look at the battery socks

I get cold feet, if standing or sitting about .... only thing I found stops it is to get walking get blood moving then cold rapidly disappears ....

My wife bought my old man one of these battery power bank powered heated body warmers at Xmas

He loving it !

Brothers actually now bought one for sitting out through the night on hill for foxes etc

One thing for sure .... feeling cold rapidly removes any pleasure from a situation



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-3 this morning here in my corner of N Yorkshire, and a decent sprinkling of snow on the high ground. It’s a stunning day, no wind and clear as a bell, I can see for miles.


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-3 this morning here in my corner of N Yorkshire,
I remember in NZ overnight in the mountains on a Tahr hunt that the mountain radio forecast advised that it was to be around -9 for the next few nights.
My mate was freezing in his s/bag and I had mine unzipped and was using it as a doona.
I never had a problem with cold feet and we stepped into wringing wet boots every morning as there was no fire to even partially dry them.
I absolutely love those cold crisp days ,really!

42C here today,bring on winter.


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jeez john, 5 hours in a stand -10 in scotland, matey you,d be wishing you was back in ozz, oh and im sorry to here about your dog john nothing worse. bs.


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I'd definitely recommend the Skee-Tex range. I have the field boots. A bit clunky for trekking too far but would be great for a high seat. I use them when fishing, waking up to a frozen lake on occasion.


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The trick to keeping feet warm...

1. Thick soles on your boots to insulate from the cold ground.
2. Air space inside the boot - tight fitting boots are cold, air is the best insulator and space within the boot will keep you warm.
3. Merino socks - hollow fibres retain heat, they keep the surface of the skin dry and the natural lanolin stops them getting smelly.