Avon and Somerset - tricky start, but all worked out in the end


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I recently moved from Sussex to Somerset and as a result sent my notification to Sussex so things could be put in motion for the move.

I got a new 5 gun cabinet to put in in my parents house where I will be living and brought all the guns down on the agreed date and locked them up in the new cabinet which is affixed to the wall in a secure, hidden location.

I also brought my ammo/bolt safe with me and got that hidden away too.

Avon and Somerset then contacted me to say the FEO would like to visit. Now I know there is no legal requirement for them to visit as the onus is on me as the certificate holder to ensure the guns are stored securely, but I thought it would be a good idea to "grease the wheels" and be nice.

So the FEO visits and has a look at the guns and we have a nice chat. He also agrees with me that the high seat condition put on by Sussex is a bit daft, especially as I have DSC1.

He then asks that I surrender my certificates. I question this as I am pretty sure from everything I have read that you shouldn't do this, ever. But he convinces me that it's the best thing and if I did get stopped by the police they can check out on the computer that I have certificates for the guns.

He also says I will need to find "good reason" at some point, but there is no rush.

So off he goes with an assurance that everything will be back to me in about 4 weeks.

4 weeks go by and I decide to give them a ring and find out what is happening. I get told that they can send my shotgun license back, but until they receive "good reason" they will not return my FAC.

I phone BASC and have a chat with Mike Eveleigh who advises not to worry and to just get either a land form or some booked stalking sorted out and get it over to them.

I booked a range practice morning and some stalking with Farrington Deer Stalking (Ian is a great bloke, and very helpful) and sent off the PDF receipt he sent me to Avon and Somerset.

Avon and Somerset then gave me a ring to check that the 30-06 variation I had mentioned I might be interested in was not something I needed now, and that being the case they would get my certificate out to me ASAP.

Two days later (today) my FAC drops through the door, not only has the high seat condition been removed, but they have added ALOQ for the .243 and made the conditions read correctly. The only remaining condition is the "land deemed suitable by the chief officer of police for that area" which is fine by me.

So after a slightly shaky start, I take my hat of to Avon and Somerset for sticking by their word and being very knowledgeable and helpful and getting me a new FAC with sensible conditions on it.

Thanks Avon and Somerset :)

Eric the Red

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Nice to hear Adjman - enjoy the new patch. It gives me hope for a good friend who has some ridiculous conditions from A&SC - time for him to apply for a variation methinks.....

(PS - Remember to change to location on your Avatar!)


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A&S have certainly got their act together lately but they do get a bit silly now and then.......well done to you Adjman,oh and welcome to Somerset.