Avon & Somerset Licencing


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The older I get the more like a grumpy old man I have become. Very quick to criticise wasters you speak to on the phone, hate politicians, hate useless police etc etc.
But, give credit where credit is due, sent in my variation (again) on Thurs, had a phone call on the following Tues. I had one calibre turned down, but no problem as I was pushing my luck really!
Had another phone call on Thursday with a query on my request for ammo. This was sorted out and the only reason for the call was to make sure there was nothing else they could do. FAC then sent out promptly.

What great service, and as I said, give credit where it is due.


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Yes they are certainly a lot quicker than they were however they seem to fail to read covering letters correctly or act on telephone conversations as my last variation was returned (within a week) with a gun I had sold still on it and it was listed on my form as one sold and to do a one for one on it, they also didn't include the condition on it to allow me to use my target rifle on a DSC1 course, which they discussed with me on the phone prior to issuing it, and they gave me more ammo allowance than requested on a new permission.

The previous variation to that had to go back 3 times due to inaccuracies, So yes they are getting quicker but mine ended up adding 3 weeks to it with the licenses having to go back before a corrected one would be issued each time.

Maybe they should slow down a tad and get it right first time.


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Oh dear doesn't sound to good.
Perhaps they were having a good week when mine went in.
I can understand telephone conversations getting mixed up but not covering letters.


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Sorry primer you don't seem to have much luck, I have only once found a@s to fall short and that was when I wanted a European firearms licence, hadn't heard anything for a couple of weeks,the letter had been mislaid but one phone and an email and the pass was with me in two days.in the last few years I have had numerous dealings with them and everything has been a pleasure , top marks:thumb:
Regards jab