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Newbie from worksop here, already big into driven game shooting but want to try my hand at stalking so i have all year round shooting. Want to study for my DSC1 and wondered if any of the members here have done the online learning course offered by the BDS before taking their assessment. Was it as good, better or not worth bothering with when compared to a classroom training course.


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Hello and welcome to the site North Country Boy ;)

I am not too far from you, just north of Sheffield :eek:

Have you thought about the level 1 course they run at Paul Rifle club near Huddersfield, that`s if they still do it, not so sure as it`s a few years since i did mine there.

At the time i did mine it was run over 5 weekends for £150, and they had a very good pass rate too. ;)



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I did the online DSC1 with Lantra (i think thats the BDS sanctionned one)

Main problem is that the exams are all multi choice but the online course doesnt actually tell you the answers. The quality of the info is spot on but you only have a 6 month period of access to it for one fee.

The next problem is doing the exams cos the BDS are not exactly cooperative. I did it online because I didnt want to give up 2 weekends but then the local BDS told me I would have to do that anyway so I could do the tests.

Sooo, many thanks to David Stretton at Castle Donnington, BASC sanctionned. I went along on one of his assessment days and managed to pass in a oner.

If you set off down this route feel free to pm me and I will get the multi choice answers to you


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Saying hello

Hiya, im not far from you in Hucknall - ive just joined the site and get my fac in a couple of weeks.

Im in the same dillema really, but have decided to give it 6 months of practical experience before doing the DSC1 - I figure i'll get more out of the course if im comfortable with what im doing and not trying learn everything there and then.

Expensive old business though isn't it!


Sounds a good idea, i have a pal who goes out regular, might benefit me hugely if i go out with him and learn the practical side before going back to a classroom situation and then trying to put it into practice. Daemo, how will you be doing the DSC1? Home study or weekends?


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Im currently thinking i'll go for the one day BASC option, there will be plenty of help available from sites like this - and lots of publications to read.

As I understand it (and im happy to be corrected here) - the DSC1 is mainly knowledge based - so self study should be fine - and the ability to shoot straight will take care of itself over 6 months you'd hope!

The actual course proper should only really be a full day of testing then.

If you get the list of likely DSC1 questions you are halfway there.

The DSC2 is a different kettle of fish of course.

Just purchased the Deer Stalking study aid dvds to give me a bit more help. The only one day course from BASC that i can find is the pre dsc1 course the others look like 3 day courses and all seem too far away for me.
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