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Ed T

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Greetings all

My name's Ed, a 38 Yorkshire lad currently studying for a PhD in peatland ecology. I've been game shooting for the last 6 years, and am a member of a small pheasant shoot in Cumbria. I did my DSC1 last year, am a member of both BASC and the BDS, and er, have yet to stalk deer in this country yet! (Did some in NZ many years ago)

I'm just about to apply for my FAC which i'm finding a bit daunting to be honest - need to find some land to shoot over and get a few accompanied stalks under my belt first i think. Being a poor student has been hampering my progress with regard to accompanied stalks, but having looked around the SD forum it seems it needn't be prohibitively expensive.

Anyway, i wll keep reading through the posts from experienced stalkers here. If anyone has any suggestions about getting established into the stalking world I'm all ears!