B d s carcass demo

After seeing this advertised I mentioned it to a mate who,s a big wild fowling man but is starting to get into stalking,I suppose he,ll already have the patience eh.anyway he offered to pick me up and after calling at a patch to check some traps I've set we got to cross lanes on the a66 at exactly the right time,the venue used was a small building that is the base for Arthur Elwoods business bird puller spices,an additive you put into your pheasant feed ,any way it was spot on just enough room for everyone to be able to see and hear the excellent demonstration in different butchery techniques,it doesn't matter how many of these I see I always learn something new and we all had a bit off input discussing recipes and cooking techniques ,I then learned how to string a shoulder in a more professional manner than I had used in the past and after a few attempts managed to tie the slip knot used,after this we watched monarch country products do a knife sharpening demo and talk a bit about the range of products available ,I'm sure most of us there purchased something,from larder equipment to roe sacks its nice to talk to a supplies who is solely providing the kit we need and is also a stalker himself,a raffle was next then every body spent time chatting ,catching up with old mates and meeting new ones,so a big thumbs up for the Durham branch of the bds on what was a very enjoyable Sunday morning,cheers nemo
Many thanks to all BDS North East who gave us a warm welcome on Sunday - and proved to be an enthusiastic audience!

As some of you will be coming over to Lowther Game Fair we look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks :tiphat:

Many thanks



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Ah, it was you who had a go at tieing knots! As you say it was good, always good to see another way to skin a cat.. or deer in this case! Good get together really.

Good to meet you all anyways..