Back from a month with clients


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Hello everyone, got back on Sunday after a month away with clients. Nice to see that there are some new members, hope everyone is keeping well and enjoying the season.

Have to say my Bavarian went nuts when I got home. Had a good month with clients, total 1 Chinese Water deer, 1 nice trophy munty, 1 silver medal Fallow Buck, 2 trophy European Red Stags, 6 Scottish Red Stags (one royal), 9 Sika Stags.

Sorry I didnt get time to drop in JAYB (John) but I will be back up with some of the crew off this site in late November and we will have a beano one night at my place.

Good hunting everyone.



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Its very nice to have you back Malc, I hope there are some deer left in Scotland, what with JayB and you shooting them all!!! :lol:


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Wellcome back

Hi Sikamac

Good to see your back safe and sound, you said that the clients had set you a challenging month and you seem to have had a good month well done.
Oh, did you try any of the midge repellents from a previous thread that worked on your trip north ?

Look forward to speaking soon.



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Hi Smithy,I used Autan, the same stuff I took to Africa, the little b------ds were still biting me through the net. Also seems to be more deer ticks about. It could be down to the really warm weather, somedays it was reaching 20c and not a breath of wind. That far north there should have been frost in the glens, on a least a couple of mornings.

When I left the Red rut was in full swing, the Sika were still rutting as I shot one stag still chasing hinds, yet some mornings I did not hear one whistling.

The European Red Stags we took in Northumberland were rutting in mid September, and most of the bigger Fallow where moving around getting stirred up, but I did not hear any grunting.

However there were good numbers of Sika showing on my lease, one evening I counted 2 stags and 12 hinds in one group (one 7 point stag less now though).

I am sure there we will find you something to throw a bullet at when you come up!!


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Oh by the way. I bought a new rifle whilst in Scotland. Tikka T3 Lite 270 calibre. And despite what some people have said about the new Tikka rifle. I took it straight out of the box, fitted the old Leoupold 3x9x40 Varx II onto it from my old Tikka 270, sighted it in with 6 rounds, went out that evening and shot a Sika spiker for meat for the following week.

The next week my friend from Finland used it and shot a nice 8 point Jap.

2 bullets 2 deer. Cant ask for much more than that.

An american client of mine said once, there are only two things in life worth caring about. Hunting and Taxidermy.

For me three things. Tikka, Sika and Malt Whisky.



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Yes I have the T3 Stainless in 243 and the 308 Varmint. The first two zero'ed bullets I shot from the Varmint at 100 went through the same hole. I'll be taking that baby up north with me. The 243 was taken out on deer three times, first time Roe Buck 80metres, second time Muntjac Doe 170 metres and the third time a large dog fox 70 metres running!
Not bad for a pile of cheap crap! :lol:
I'm now after the Tikka sniper rifle for long range, range work. I love-em!