Back from the highlands for the time being


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Just got back from the far north. And although I was kept up to speed by JAYB whilst in his neck of the woods about the site, I was rather busy with clients for just under a month.

Glad to hear and see that all those off the site on the second week had a great time, including Wirehair (davie) didnt see any pigs feet at the table though :confused: or am I missing something here.

The red letter day for the lads off the site was 4 Red Stags in 1 day, 3 between Smithy and Wirehair. And Wada's, Leagle and Fran even managed a trip up heart break ridge.

Third week was heavy snow for two days before going mild again. Plenty of variety in the weather. Total 23 deer in 3 weeks, although we stalked on about 13 days out of the 18.

Nice to see the site is still growing.


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Hi Malcs,
Good to see you and Tod are back safely and in one piece,
Tried to cover events in the articles but still feel I haven’t done your generosity, crack and the place justice

Once again thanks :lol:



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Glad to see you got home safely Malcom, and Todd too. ;)

I have to agree with Smithy, no amount of writing in the articles section could do the week up on your patch justice. ;)

23 deer eh, not bad :lol: what dya think Jayb ;)

Cheers mi dears ;)



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back in charge

Glad you got back in one piece Malc, again thanks for the trip and im impressed with your numbers for the trip.I had a "right and left" with the rifle last week red hind and a big dog Fox at the same sitting, just the job.



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Hi Dave,
Bit of a regular occurrence this right and left business,
I bet the dog fox wasn’t stud looking at you either.

Take Care :lol:



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Hi Malc good to hear you got back ok with the adverse weather up there, we had a great time as I have just told one of the other members we ate like Kings, got as drunk as Lords, and on several occasions even got a bit of stalking in :lol: