Back in the rut


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Been quite busy of late so not had chance to post .
I see I’ve been missed so only fair I share a day with you .
One spot I have sees the odd roe spill over across a river so decided to try a call one evening .The field I chose had been baled which is a bonus for stalking in ive found .Spotted a doe and follower down by the river and set up lead next to a bale about 120 yds back from her .The instant I call she came belting towards me .Predictable but what wasn’t was the buck that came charging by me to get to the doe .There then ensued a lengthy chase that took them out of view but I knew she’d be back as the follower was still where she left it .Sure enough back they came and I finally managed the buck after a lot of waiting for the right shot .270B692A-6EF4-4E34-AF34-05CA606467B2.jpeg