Bad Bullets?


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Has anyone ever had any experiance of a batch of bad projectiles for Honerdy 150grn softpoints?

The reason is that I have had a batch of 7mm loaded for the Stalker that works for me & the deer he is taking are all running on quite a way before dropping, the chap is a very good shot & all the said deer were Heart/lung shot.

This has only been since the projectile change, as prior to this he was shooting 7x64mm Sako Factory 150 grn arrow heads & 8 out of 10 deer were dropping on the spot.

on inspection all the said deer were hit in the right place with impact & exit-but I just think that these bullets are acting like FMJ, not expanding properly & punching straight through.

The load data is all correct for the round & loaded with R15.

I am changing him over to 130grn Speer Hot Core Splitzers as I have far more confidence in Speer for doing what they are ment to do at the terminal end!

Regd Lee


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I think it is inevitable that the odd box will get through the QA in any large production of bullets. A friend of mine had the same problem with vmax not expanding a couple of years ago.




It could be that you are using too heavy a bullet for the deer. Of course 150 gr will kill fallow deer well and probably do very little carcass damage but a heavily made bullet going "relatively slowly" might not be ideal to deliver the shock and organ damage to a fallow especially if not a big buck.

I had a similar problem with my .308 on Scottish reds. My 150 gr bullets had been fine on red in England but did not seem to work nearly so well in Scotland (where the deer were half the weight and ranges tend to be quite a bit longer so velocity has dropped a bit). Coupled with no Reloader 12 powder available so having to use Viht 140 my velocity of handloads had dropped a bit too.

A friend suggested I tried out 123gr Sako commercial ammo and the problem seems to have been solved straight away. I now need to get some lighter bullets and find a suitable powder so I can reload my own to similar velocities.


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bad bullets

Thanks for your thoughts on this one, the loads should have been kicking out at about 3000fps looking at the data with the Honerdy.

He is just starting to use the 130 grn Speer hot core splitzers this evening I think-so I will let you know the out come, they were shooting great when he re zeroed yesterday afternoon.

I would have hoped he had a shot with them this morning but we were in the thick of the fog down here in the New Forest this morning so he drew a blank.

Most of the problems he was having were with average body weight Fallow Does that dress out at about 35kg larder weight so they are not massive beasts by any means.

Regards Lee


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dear deer


Just to let you know that Ian ha three shots whilst out this morning with the new ammo & there are now 3 new additions to the deer larder with all said deer either dropping on the spot or within a few yards of impact site.

I think he needs a few more though as having a bad run like that tends to knock the old confinence!

Best wishes Lee