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I have previously worked as a guide in New Zealand and I am afraid to say that this example is not out of the ordinary.

The largest market is for Trophy stags which are released from domesticated stock into enclosures ( 2000 acres or so in my experience ) and then clients are taken in to stalk.

The blocks I worked in had predominately thick bush so it was not quite like shooting fish in a barrel but on the back of a season on the hill in Scotland it was a bit of a culture shock.

Before casting judgement on New Zealand though, remember that it has only reacted to market demands and you just wont get potential world record stags in the wild in NZ open country.

It is not all like this though and the industry is changing.

If you are considering NZ have a look at the following sites.

New Zealanders are amongst the most genuine and helpful people you will meet and remember at the end of the day cleanly shooting a "Fair Chase" stag is no different to cleanly shooting a stag on the hill.

The previous clip is an example of poor and inconsiderate shooting that has no place in the management of deer within the domestic or wild environment.

If you can afford the trip go in an instant, to see Himalayan Tahr, Chamois and even wild pigs in NZ is amazing, not too mention some Fallow,Sika, Reds and Whitetails on Stewart Island

Can't wait until I go back......

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