Badger damage


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I am working with Owen, a full time keeper, on building up a new site, to cover all counrtry persuits. Within the private members section I am trying to gather factual information on badger damage. The reason being as the debate heats up we are asked what damage. We can all quote standard points. When we are asked where, when and proof we are stumped. This is because it is second, third hand or simply made up. I would hope the thread becomes a nationwide reference on what happened when and as much of it first hand as possible.
The registratin is simple. The site is new so feel free to help with any topic while you are there. But first hand badger info please. Anything be it TB in your prize cow or laying pens trashed.Tractor falling into a sett of champion poodle attacked in back garden, thanks Jim


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I saw one completely trash a lawn in one night, bloody holes every foot, right across the expanse of the lawn. Bless their little cotton socks



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On the ground that l am a part time keeper on there is a large population of brock and fairly newly established at that, they are very adapt at raiding the nests of ground nesting birds and can cause serious damage to the banks of the ditches with their earthworks, come snairing time they can be a bloody pain l have to set my snairs higher than normal on 2 tealers and hope that a hare or a bird does not knock them causing them to drop, believe me trying to get an irate and pi**ed of badger out of a snare is no fun.

There are a lot of ditces on the shoot and the little foot bridges over them are good snairing points often they are much lower than the top of the bank so the snares have to be set down the bank so therefor need to be set lower as a fox will put its head down when going up or down a bank.

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As a Devon keeper I have daily evidence of what a pain in the ass these creatures are. During the season the spirals on the feeders, with or without protectors are wrecked, any patches on the base of plastic feeders to repair the holes (caused by another friend of mine, the squirrel) are ripped off and the wheat wasted. Electric fencing is ripped and trashed. The whole countryside in this part of the world is full of the sodding things. Due to the high population food sources are limited so they are turning more and more to, and having an effect on, other wildlife. For instance I havent seen a hedgehog for years. Cereal crops suffer badly and damage to hedges and fields is widespread. On top of this, TB is rife in this area causing real hardships. Shut up Old Keeper they mus have got the message I am not a fan of Stripey!!!!