Badgers or foxes?


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Can i ask you guys how many badgers do you see whilst out foxing compared to foxes, in my neck of the woods i would say for every fox i see i must see 20 badgers. Also would a lot of badgers drive out foxes from a area??.


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Hi mate, I see about the same ratio as you. I don't seem to notice an absence of foxes due to Badgers. They seem to ignore each other. Certainly the foxes I've shot recently were in the same fields as a Badger, although not too close but certainly they were not bothering each other.


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It seems to vary. I once saw a mass of animals around a pile of cattle feed - when I looked closer three were foxes, and one was a badger. They were literally rubbing heads together. And yet at other times, foxes will give badgers a wide berth. I recently had a large brock come charging over a hill from some three hundred yards away when I started the 'fox cub distress call' - when it reached the Foxpro it launched itself at it in a full-on 'kill' dive, knocking the unit to the ground as it did so. Clearly, it didn't like foxes...


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I see less badgers than foxes but I think that is to do with the ground and not the badger population (which is large). I think the badgers are often out of sught. Then periodically you see loads. Most was 17 on 400 acre wheat stubble


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they seem to tolerate one another fairly well as the terrier lads will tell you its not that uncommon to find both partys down the same earth , they just keep there own space usualy .

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**** loads.....We have actually seen a big badger chasing fox cubs out of the same cut field on 2 occasions. Very funny to watch.


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Havent seen a badger for months ( that is alive) some dead on the roads. Saw 5 one evening on a baled hay field in the hot weather, otherwise none, however we have hundreds of acres of maize 10ft high: may be the issue.



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I see them from the high seat. They are recognised quarry............I hope to get one this year! Back on topic....I see much more foxes.


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Depends a bit on time of year and weather but probably see slightly more foxes than brock . There's plenty about but they are shy and dont really look at the light. They push foxes off any deer or sheep carcasses on the hill but will den in the same set of holes. Had an interesting fox den this year . it was a two holer either side of a big rock plenty of scat and fox wool down the hole, bits of fresh lamb inside and plenty of cub marks around about, tried the dogs but nothing doing. Both entrance holes had been bitten and dug a bit by a brock and a brock had tried to dig under the rock in between the two entrance holes . It looked like a brock had tried to get the food from the den but had been checked by the vicky defending the entrances and had tried to dig in from the middle. She probably shifted at first light when the brock had cleared off. Didnt find the shift on us so let nieghbours know one was away , it was got a week later just across the march on a re-check of a cairn , so result

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50 50 on my lot

fox and badger in the same field, , little stare out now and then, then they seem oblivious to each other rest of the time, get on with what is normal, no bother



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Very true but I would be interested what the lads in Fife and Perth area are seeing as I didn't see 1 badger or fox on the M90/A90 on the way to and from Dundee a week ago!


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I reckon I see about 3 to 4 badger to 1 fox. The number of encounters are propably about the same but the badgers are out in twos or threes but the foxes nearly always solitary except when they're young siblings sticking together in the autumn.
There's a bank in one field where fox, badger and rabbit holes are all mixed together. I'm sure some of the systems are interconnected but they all seem to live happily enough as neighbours. The ferrets don't like going down the rabbit holes there. They won't stay down long and come out looking rattled. I'm sure they're plcking up heavy fox or badger scent. Of the three of them the badgers are bloody pests. Its only their holes that come up in the open field, and they're massive. You could lose a rear wheel of a combine in some of them. The contractors have stopped cultivating over the holes. They go round, its not worth damaging machinery. Any time they want to license a cull round here, we'll be at the front of the queue.


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Good evening, where i go, we see about 20 badgers for every 1 fox, unreal. far to many in the area now,

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there's loads here, a set at the bottom of my garden, lost a hen to them recently. Haven't seen a hedgehog for years...
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