Sold: Baikal single barrel 12


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Free to a good home . Hasn't had a shot through it in about 3 years . Used to be my lamping truck gun . Comes with a funky little cartridge holder on the stock. Good old gun . Got a few decades left in it yet . Based in Worcestershire . Thanks matt

John Gryphon

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I have one here,had it 48 years and it was my walk em up at night gun for foxes when furs were worth a dollar.
My old gun shot 400 foxes for me in a few years @ an average of $30 each...
It/they have a full choke that prints about 15 inches at 30 yards,perfect for lamping foxes on a windy night.
Rough Russian truck axle for a barrel but they are not to be sneezed at.


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They are good old guns , mine had had more foxes than anything else . 42g of aaa shot seems to stop them . Never gets used now as I use the rifle more . Got it off a old boy years ago for 20 quid. Sounds like yours had paid for it's self a few times over.


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Still available. Added some pictures


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