Baikal trigger(s) adjustment?


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Very simple one really guys and I think I probably already know the answer...but confirmation would be good.

Got an old Baikal OU in 12g with double triggers. Think the model is IJ27 and it has 28.5" barrels. So is it possible to adjust the trigger pull weight? Or 'modify' it?

Not a biggie at all as manageable, just noticed when I go back to my rifles afterwards the break is very surprising and quick and takes some adjusting to!

Thank you...P


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you are never going to get a shotgun trigger to break like a rifle trigger, and in my opinion you never should ! a shotgun is a dynamic thing, its always moving and your finger is going to have to find that trigger or ride it all the time, to get a light release you would have to run the risk of an ND, a rifle is a much more deliberate action,
a Baikal is to be honest not a Berretta (just to pick a name)so the trigger is going to be more "agricultural"
yes you could most likely stone the sear engaement surfaces, but if you go a smidge too far......... I would just learn to love the differences for what they are and learn to "run the gun" :old:


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don't bother, like Kenny said, it's two different worlds... I'm guessing you don't stalk a lot during the game/winter season where you use your shotgun,,that's one problem...however, a solution when you mix shotgun and rifle shooting is before going out with the rife, just spend a few minutes, even just one, dry firing it and 'feeling' the trigger',,even if it's just 4-5 dry fires behind the car before setting off your head will adjust immediately, trust me, it works ;)


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I fully agree with what Kenny and PKL are saying but I have a single trigger O/U rifle based on a 20 bore shotgun action and while smooth I've always found the trigger to be a bit heavy for my liking. I've always wanted the trigger pulls to be a bit lighter and more like the triggers on my bolt action rifles, but totally understand the reasoning for the inertia activated trigger to be set up this way so it's something I have just had to live with.

However my side by side rifle has two triggers and both trigger pulls are as light as any good bolt action rifle. So I wonder if a good gunsmith might actually be able to improve the trigger pulls on Sheprador's twin trigger Baikal slightly. Bearing in mind that the lockwork on Baikal's are pretty agricultural. :-|

Just to confuse the issue further I have a single trigger O/U Baikal that has fairly light trigger pulls and no inertia system.

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On a boxlock or sidelock the trigger pulls are adjusted by polishing the contact points where the sear holds the hammers and the triggers lift the sears.

You have to be careful not to alter the angles of the sear interface as that can make it unsafe.

Usually you have to remove the trigger plate, then the sears. Give a couple of polishing strokes and then reassemble and test. And repeat.

Heym SR20

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If you want to see what’s involved Midway did a whole series with Jack Rowe shortly before he died on English gunsmithing. Quite long winded but informative. 4lbs ideal for front, 4 1/2 for rear. You should watch all three. His opening video on trigger pulls is at: